Complementary expertise

The group of SOLARLab PIs represents a very broad range of expertise that is needed to reach the research goals:

  • Complementary expertise: we represent experts in materials design and synthesis, structural and functional characterization of materials, computational materials science, device physics and modeling, thin-film fabrication and large-scale deposition
  • Diversity in experience: we cover the entire range from early-career researchers to senior research leaders
  • Diversity in institution: the main hubs represent four universities (UG, TUD, TUE, UT), one NWO institute (AMOLF) and one technology institute (TNO), geographically spread all over the Netherlands
  • Diversity in gender: The group of PIs is composed of about 40 % women and 60% men. The PhD and postdocs in these groups represent about 30% women and 70% men. These relatively high female fractions are exceptional for a physics/chemistry/engineering-based research effort in the Netherlands
  • Collaborative spirit: All groups have experience in working closely together. All main hubs have joint publications with multiple other hubs in the past three years. See the figure that represents joint publications between institutions



Awards won by SOLARLab PIs

  • International awards
    ENI Renewable Energy Award, EU Becquerel Prize, EU Descartes Prize, EPS Research into the Science of Light Prize, MRS Innovation in Materials Characterization Award, Springer Applied Physics Prize, MIT TR Innovator, WIN Rising Star, edX Prize
  • National awards
    Spinoza Prize, NNV Physica Prize (2), Jacob Kistemaker Prize, Koninklijke Shell Prize, KNCV Gold medal, NOZ-PV Prize, Teyler Prize, Prose Award, KIVI research prize, Minerva Prize (2)
  • Fellowships
    Frew Fellowship, Aspasia Fellowship, Sustainable Energy Technology Fellowship, MacGillavry Fellowship, Mercado Fellowship
  • Academy memberships
    KNAW member (3), Young Academy member (1)
  • ERC and NWO personal grants
    ERC Advanced Grant (6), ERC Consolidator Grant (2), ERC Starting Grant (5), NWO: VENI (3), VIDI (4), VICI (3), NWO-ECHO (3), PIONIER (1), NWO-TOP (4).

Principal investigators

Name Institution Specialization
Prof. Dr. Albert Polman AMOLF, UvA Light management in PV materials, electron microscopy of PV materials
Prof. Dr. Erik Garnett AMOLF, UvA Synthesis, materials science and spectroscopy of perovskite materials
Prof. Dr. Bruno Ehrler AMOLF, UG Synthesis, materials science and spectroscopy of perovskite materials
Prof. Dr. Esther Alarcón Lladó AMOLF Electrochemical growth of PV materials, spectroscopy of PV materials, light management in PV materials
Dr. Wiebke Albrecht AMOLF Electron microscopy of PV materials, spectroscopy of PV materials
Prof. Dr. Elias Vlieg RUN Thin film III-V solar cells
Dr. John Schermer RUN Multi-junction III-V solar cells, concentrator systems
Prof. Dr. Gianluca Coletti TNO Tandem technology, device architecture, passivating film, silicon materials
Dr. Sjoerd Veenstra TNO Perovskite solar cell processing, up-scaling methodologies
Dr. Veronique Gevaerts TNO Thin-film solar cell technology, packaging, reliability
Dr. Bonna Newman TNO Circular solar modules and customizating PV
Dr. Mirjam Theelen TNO Reliability and stability of thin-film solar modules
Dr. Dong Zhang TNO, TUE Perovskite solar cell processing, integration in tandems
Prof. Dr. Arthur Weeber TNO, TUD Process integration for high-performance devices, deposition technologies and functionality of thin-films
Prof. Dr. Olindo Isabella TUD Crystalline silicon photovoltaic technology and light management in PV architectures
Prof. Dr. Miro Zeman TUD High-performance tandem solar cells
Prof. Dr. Arno Smets TUD Thin-film silicon multi-junction solar cells
Dr. Tom Savenije TUD Optical-electronic properties of novel inorganic and organic semiconductors
Dr. Luana Mazzarella TUD Novel hybrid tandem solar cells
Dr. Rene van Swaaij TUD Advanced Si-based solar cells
Prof. Dr. Ivan Gordon TUD Digital photovoltaics
Dr. Patrizio Manganiello TUD Photovoltatronics
Dr. Hesan Ziar TUD Urban energy (X-IPV systems and custom applications)
Dr. Rudi Santbergen TUD PV multi-scale modelling
Prof. Dr. Laurens Siebbeles TUD Nanocrystals, 2D-materials, charge/exciton transport
Dr. Ferdinand Grozema TUD Perovskites, organic materials, singlet fission, upconversion
Dr. Arjen Houtepen TUD Colloidal nanomaterials, electrochemistry, spectroscopy
Dr. Erik van der Kolk TUD Luminescent solar concentrators
Prof. Dr. Rene Janssen TUE Organic and inorganic semiconductors and devices
Prof. Dr. Adriana Creatore TUE Charge transport and passivation layers
Dr. Shuxia Tao TUE Computational materials design of perovskite absorbers, interfaces and synthesizing chemistry
Prof. Dr. Erwin Kessels TUE Thin-film solutions for PV
Prof. Dr. Erik Bakkers TUE Nanowire solar cells
Dr. Jos Haverkort TUE Nanowire solar cells
Dr. Michael Debye TUE Luminescent solar concentrators
Prof. Dr. Maria-Antonietta Loi UG Materials physics. Metal halide perovskite optical properties and solar cells.
Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Portale UG Crystallization and structuring of materials, in-situ and operando X-ray scattering and diffraction
Prof. Dr. Jan Anton Koster UG Physics of novel semiconductors and their devices
Dr. Loredana Protecescu UG Chemistry of nanomaterials, synthesis of quantum dots and perovskite materials for PVs
Dr. Graeme Blake UG Synthesis, crystallography and materials science of perovskite materials
Dr. Remco Havenith UG Theoretical chemistry, photophysical properties, singlet fission
Prof. Maxim Pchenitchnikov UG Ultrafast exciton and charge dynamics in organic PV
Dr. Rebecca Saive UT Light management in photovoltaic devices, solar cell device physics, materials interface analysis
Dr. Annemarie Huijser UT Spectroscopy of perovskite solar cells
Dr. Eli Shirazi UT
Dr. Linn Leppert UT Electronic structure calculations for perovskites
Dr. Menno Bokdam UT Electronic structure calculations for perovskites
Prof. Dr. Jurrian Schmitz UT Solar cell device physics and characterization
Prof. Dr. Monica Morales Masis UT Materials Science and thin film synthesis of halide perovskites and contact materials for solar cells
Prof. Dr. Angele Reinders UT Applications of PV technologies
Prof. Dr. Andries Meijerink UU Upconversion PV materials, spectral conversion, quantum dots
Prof. Dr. Daniel Vanmaekelbergh UU PV quantum dot materials
Dr. Celso de Mello Donega UU PV quantum dot materials
Prof. Dr. Wilfried van Sark UU PV performance analysis and forecasting